Thursday 26 September 2013

ListNerd: Create Any Type Of Public & Private Online Lists To Vote On

The Internet is the best place to get unbiased opinions. Opening up a poll for people from all over the world and letting them vote impartially is perhaps the only way you can get truly unbiased results. The best way to go about this is through the creation of online voting lists. You could create an online list of the items you want to gather votes for and then share it with the online community to vote on. But what kind of a list should you make?

Should you make a simple text list? Should you make a list that includes URLs? Or should you make a list of images for people to vote on? There might be dedicated websites for each type of these mentioned lists; but if you are looking for one website to create online voting lists of all types, look no farther than ListNerd.

ListNerd is a free to use website that helps you create online lists that people can vote on. Essentially, the site is a social media website such as Pinterest, where you can create lists in a more defined way and gather people’s opinions about them.

You start using the site by creating a new account; alternatively, you can log into the website using your Facebook or Twitter account. Next you specify what kind of a list you will be making, by saying whether each list entry will require a definition, image, and URL. Next you start adding entries to your list.

When it is complete, the list is published on a unique URL which you have the choice of making public or private. People can visit the URL to vote on the entries and leave comments on your list.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create shareable online lists.
  • These lists can be voted on.
  • Others can leave comments on lists.
  • Your list entries can have definitions, images, and URLs.

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