Tuesday 24 September 2013

Android Device Manager updated with remote lock functionality

Google has added a new feature to its Android Device Manager in the form of remote locking support. Android users will now be able remotely lock their device with a PIN or password. This is certainly a welcome addition, as in-case of a misplaced phone or tablet, the device owners don’t have to take an extreme measure of wiping their device.

How does this work:

  • First you have to enable the “allow remote lock and factory reset” on your Android device in Google settings app.
  • Then, if misplaced you can trigger a remote lock or PIN change directly from the Android device manager web interface. This not only overrides your existing lock-screen method with PIN and also changes the PIN to the one entered by you.
  • This feature is especially useful in cases where you have hope that you will find your device and there is no need to wipe all the important data. PIN lock helps with the security, so no one apart from you will be able to look at the contents of your Android device.

If your device is without service when you request a lock down, the lock will be applied when your device has service once again, which is valid for all security measures present in Android device manager.

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