Sunday 1 September 2013

Clover 2: Add Chrome-Like Tabs To Windows Explorer

While browsing the web most people are used to multi-tab browsing. While common when using browsers, this feature still lacks but would be really useful when using the Windows folder system. Now, thanks a to a handy explorer add-on called Clover 2 you can have tabbed browsing within Windows explorer. It is freeware utility that adds a Chrome-like multi tabs on top of Windows explorer. So instead of having multiple explorer windows open, you can group them into tabs at the top without cluttering your desktop.

When you download and install this app on your Windows, it feels like you are using Chrome but on your Windows folder structure. You can bookmark tabs or pin your most used locations to the bookmarks toolbar at the top.  Shortcuts include Ctrl+T to open a new tab and Ctrl+W to close the tab.


  • Add tabbed browsing to Windows explorer
  • Chrome-like tabbed interface
  • Bookmark tabs
  • Pin bookmarks to the bookmarks toolbar at the top
  • Free downloadable software

Check out Clover 2 @

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