Wednesday 18 September 2013

Google stops selling Nexus 4 in US

Soon after the Nexus 4 8GB went out of inventory on Google Play US, the 16GB version has also gone out of stock and The Verge is reporting that it is not coming back. It is the end of life for Nexus 4 at least in US. The phone will continue to sell in other countries until the existing stock run out.

With the impending release of Nexus 5, this disappearing act of Nexus 4 makes sense. Also, now that Nexus 4 has gone out of inventory, Google’s recent price-cut, which fueled the sudden interest in this smartphone, seems to be a decision made to quickly sell out the remaining Nexus 4 units. This was a win-win situation for both consumers and Google. Google sold out all Nexus 4 inventory and consumers got a pretty decent device for a bargain price.

We can expect Nexus 5 announcement any week now. The phone is rumoured to be based on LG’s G2 and packs 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 processor, Android 4.4, 2GB of RAM, 2300 mAh battery and the usual set of connectivity options.

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