Tuesday 17 September 2013

Is this Sense 5.5 or HTC’s China-specific OS?

Image of an HTC smartphone leaked on Chinese social network Weibo has revealed a previously unseen home-screen interface. While, the person who has posted this image thinks that it might be the upcoming Sense 5.5 interface, others speculate that we are looking at the HTC’s rumoured China-specific operating system.

As there is not sufficient information, there is no way to certainly call it one or the other, but either way, we are going to see something new from HTC in the coming weeks.

If we take it as Sense 5.5, then HTC is going for a big revamp just months after it pushed Sense 5.0, which in fact was a big change from HTC’s old Sense versions.  The company is still taking cues from the existing Sense UI but instead of just Weather widget and Blinkfeed on home-screen, we now have a lot more things like music player widget, email widget, contacts widget and some new icons.

Considering HTC Sense 5.5 is not such a big version bump, we think the leaked image in fact shows the China-specific OS coming from HTC. This China OS is still expected to be based on Android, but a forked version with China-specific improvements and more.

We hope to hear more regarding the same in the coming days.

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