Thursday 12 September 2013

Official Simplenote Android app now available in Google Play

Automattic, which acquired Simplenote earlier this year, has launched the official Simplenote app for Android. The app is now available for free in Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

According to Simplenote team, they wanted to try something different, so users will not need Simplenote account to use the app on their smartphones or tablets, however they can always create an account to get their notes synced across platforms or back them up online.

“Our new version for Android has the same focus on speed and efficiency as the existing iOS app. If you’ve previously used Simplenote, you can now use all your notes on your Android phone or tablet. If you’re a new user, you can create an account right within the app.” SimpleNote team wrote in a blog post.

Simplenote will compete with the likes of Google Keep, Evernote, Astrid, and plethora of other note-taking apps already available in Google Play.

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