Sunday 29 September 2013

Voicee: Quickly Send & Receive Short Voice Messages [iOS]

In today’s age, we are all very busy. We have a lot of tasks to complete every day. This is why we look for the least time consuming techniques to go about things. This is true for major things such as commuting to work and also true for little things such as talking to other people or communicating our ideas.

Speaking of the latter, people will often call up somebody on the phone to quickly communicate something. Sometimes however, the conversation ends up being longer than expected and you regret unnecessarily spending all of that extra time on the phone. A way to prevent those phone conversations comes in the form of a phone app called Voicee.

Voicee is a free to use phone application for iOS devices. The app is sized at nearly 4 MB and is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices running version 4.3 or later of iOS. Using this application, you can quickly communicate ideas and thoughts by leaving voice messages for your friends.

The interface of other voice messaging applications works a lot like IM clients i.e. you have to navigate through multiple screens to communicate with each one of your friends. Unlike those apps, Voicee lets you send and check out all of your voice messages from a single screen. From this screen, you can quickly check out which messages you have, record a reply, and send it to your contact. Conversations can be managed by marking them as read or unread, and deleting them when you want cleaner organization.


  • A user-friendly smart device application.
  • Compatible with devices that are running iOS.
  • Lets you quickly send and receive voice messages.
  • You send / receive messages through a single screen.

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