Friday 13 September 2013

Google announces new Chrome OS partners & Haswell-powered Chromebooks

Google has announced that it is adding two new Chrome OS partners in the form of Asus and Toshiba, both of which will be releasing their Chrome OS devices in the coming months. In addition to the new partners, Google has also revealed that existing partners like Acer and HP will be launching new Chromebooks as well. All these Chrome OS devices will be powered by Intel’s new 4th gen core processors (Haswell), the company added.

“Together with our hardware partners, we’ve been working on expanding the Chromebook family. Intel, who has been with us on this journey from day one, unveiled a new lineup of Chromebooks today based on the Haswell microarchitecture at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco,” Google noted in a blog post.

According to Google, while HP, Toshiba and Acer will be launching new Chromebooks, Asus will actually be releasing a Chromebox. Details about these new Chrome OS devices are scarce, but Google did say that HP’s new Chromebook will pack a 14-inch display and will be available in multiple colour choices; on the other hand, both Toshiba and Acer will be focussing more on portability rather than big display.

Intel has said that new Haswell powered Chrome OS devices will offer 15 per cent more battery life and 50 per cent performance jump over their Atom-based predecessors.

No other details are available at this point about the new Chrome OS devices.

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