Monday 30 September 2013

Gmail for Android app to get ads soon, reveals teardown

The APK teardown of the latest version of Gmail for Android application has revealed that the search giant might finally be brings advertisements to this very popular app. During their teardown, folks at Android Police found a whole new library, which is meant for serving ads, simply called ‘ads.’

There are eight classes in this ads library, which are related the advertisement presentation – AdBorderItem, AdHeaderItem, AdHeaderView, AdSenderHeaderItem, AdSenderHeaderView, AdTeaserView, AdToastBarOperation, and AdViewFragment.

There is no word on when exactly the ads will go live in Gmail for Android but considering the company has already started putting pieces in the right places, any of the future versions could bring the advertisements.

For a company whose biggest source of revenue is advertisements, the decision to put ads in Gmail app doesn’t look all that surprising. We just hope that these ads aren’t too intrusive.

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