Friday 6 September 2013

Qualcomm joins smartwatch club with Qualcomm Toq featuring Mirasol display

Wednesday wasn’t just about Samsung Galaxy Gear or the global release of Sony SmartWatch 2, mobile chip giant Qualcomm also unveiled a new smartwatch called Toq at its Uplinq 2013 event.

Just like we anticipated when we first heard about Qualcomm’s smartwatch plans, Qualcomm Toq comes with the company’s own Mirasol display, which provides great outdoor viewing and consumes far less power than normal LCD or OLED display.

Like other smartwatches available on the planet, Qualcomm Toq connects to smartphone (only Android right now) and shows notifications, allows users to control music playback or let them decide whether to answer a call or decline it.

“Toq’s always on, always connected, always visible wearable technology gives you a ‘Digital 6th Sense,’ telling you what you need to know, when you need to know it, with just a glance at your wrist or a whisper in your ear. Toq is a showcase for the benefits of the Mirasol display, WiPower LE and stereo Bluetooth technologies and highlights the experience that the wearable category can provide,” said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of Qualcomm.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Gear, which only lasts around 24 hours on a charge, Qualcomm Toq can last upto three days and that too when its display stays on all the time.

On the specs front, Qualcomm Toq comes with ARM Cortex M3 processor, Bluetooth, and 1.55-inch 288x192p Mirasol colour display with touch.

According to Qualcomm, Toq is a limited edition smartwatch and will only be released in the United States for around $300. The company plans to release around tens of thousands of units, including the “Premium Audio Edition,” which comes with wireless headphones that let the user listen to music or make calls.

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