Wednesday 4 September 2013

Possible features of Android 4.4 KitKat

Google has not explicitly said anything, its Android KitKat page has many things to say about the upcoming OS.

Google has announced the next version of Android, which is named as Android 4.4 aka KitKat. However, it has not explicitly announced the features of the next Android version.

Curiously, it has created a website of Android KitKat which has several statements that point to many things in the upcoming operating system. Here is a list of such possible features of the Android 4.4 that we have synthesized from what Google has mentioned on Android KitKat webpage.

Attractive looking new User Interface:

"Every corner, every edge, every finger, of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create this beautifully immersive and multi-sensory experience," Google has said on the website which possibly hints that the Android KitKat would bring a new user interface where every sides of the device can be used to navigate something that Sony's "Touch UI" currently employs. Also, it can be interpreted as standardized experience irrespective of the device's screen size be it smartphone, phablet, or tablet.

"Better utilisation of multi-touch feature and gesture control could be also on the cards," as per our analysts.

"Eye Candy…It really does taste as good as it looks," Google went on to say on the page while explaining the design of KitKat chocolate. Clearly, Google wants to transfer the user interface of Android with the new OS to something new that would be attractive than the Windows Tile user interface (soothing to eyes and easy navigation).

In what could be interpreted as another features of the UI, Google said, "Adjustable orientation…Works perfectly in portrait or landscape for a panoramic taste experience."
What does it actually means is not clear as of now though.

Cloud Integration:

Android operating system has been heavily criticized for not having a comprehensive back up and security feature as iOS. With Apple's iCloud, one can restore many functions in a new iOS device like game progress, app installs, emails, text messages, account sign-ins, pictures, settings, and much more in just one touch.

On the contrary, in Android you can restore your apps, emails, pictures etc but that is not an easy process. For instance, if you sign into a new Android device, you will be asked to sync the device with Gmail to restore your contacts, emails, calendar, and even applications. But it does not do so in case of messages or

But with Android 4.4 aka KitKat, Google is perhaps eyeing something innovative if its statement - "Cloud Based…A taste sensation that will leave you up in TheCloud" - is to be interpreted.

Enterprise solutions

BlackBerry devices has been hailed for its security and its Balance technology enables BlackBerry smartphones and tablets to be used for business and personal purposes without compromise.

Hinting at the adoption of similar technology, Google on the Android KitKat webpage said, "With global coverage you can take it literally everywhere. Even to work."

Other features:

Besides Google's words (to describe KitKat 4.4 chocolate) like "Edge to Edge display" has been interpreted as less distortion towards the edges while "Unlimited Standby Time" clearly hints at longer battery life.

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