Saturday 7 September 2013

Now offer your consumers a customised smartphone keyboard with Adaptxt

Keypoint Technologies, the company behind popular Adaptxt smartphone keyboard, has announced the launch of Branded Smartphone keyboard on Thursday. Targeted to companies looking to offer their consumers with something unique or promote their upcoming product, this Adaptxt keyboard allows them to create a virtual keyboard, which is customised to highlight their brand.

“Our ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ is aimed at emerging brands who wish to develop their communication with their consumers further. With our innovative smartphone branding tool, they can engage greater brand loyalties and take across their brand messaging further without intruding into their privacy. This is the next step in brand communication in India and we are very excited about it,” said Sumit Goswami, CEO, KeyPoint Technologies.

Such customised/ branded keyboards can be released by the companies in app stores like Google Play or be made available for download from the company sites.

Adaptxt smartphone version updated in Google Play

In related news, the regular Adaptxt keyboard for Android smartphones, which is available for download for free in Google Play, has been updated with new features and bug fixes. Adaptxt now offers Swype like functionality, where users can slide over letters to form words without lifting your finger.

Full change-log

Glide Beta: Slide over letters to form words (Customize Glide trace color)
Create custom gesture shortcuts: To launch applications & websites, to perform clipboard operations
Customize key height in landscape mode
Removed Priority tab (Adaptxt Store) & Clipboard (via swipe)
Bug Fixes

Download Adaptxt for phones, for tablets

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