Wednesday 4 September 2013

Next Nexus smartphone spotted in Android KitKat statue unveiling

Looks like, we have the first look at the next Nexus smartphone (Nexus 5?). Leaked as a part of Google’s Android KitKat statue unveiling video, the phone clearly seems to have been made by LG.

The original video was quickly taken by Google but there are plenty of copies floating around, including one available at this link (full video) or at this link (showing just the next Nexus part).

The specifications of the phone are still a mystery but if we take a closer look at the above image showing both the Nexus 4 and next Nexus smartphone, the upcoming version does seems a little bigger, indicating a 5-inch display size (which will also go well with the Nexus 5 name).

Anyways, there are rumours that Google will be announcing the next Nexus smartphone as well as Android KitKat at a press event next month.

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