Thursday 5 September 2013

New leak shows Windows Phone 8 UI at 1080p

While it is known that Microsoft is working on 1080p support for displays larger than 5 inches, here’s some more evidence from the serial leaker evleaks. The leaked image shows how the Live Tile user interface will look on larger displays. The screenshot reveals an extra column on the right hand side of the Live Tile UI. It also comes with some more room for rows of pinned apps for the 1080p version of the OS.

The Windows 8.1 update is expected to feature an additional "wide" tile format. This means the additional wider tile (with Windows 8.1 update) may not be included for the Windows Phone update. While it is known that Microsoft is working to combine its Modern UI and Windows Phone operating systems in the future, looks like the new changes aren’t coming to  Windows Phone yet . The screenshot also points out at a new Storyteller application.

One should also note that Microsoft has some major announcements coming up. Nokia is likely to unveil the Bandit sporting a large 6 inch display this month. On the other hand, the Windows RT-based tablet (Nokia Sirius) is expected to be unveiled in October, ahead of the Windows 8.1 launch. The Finnish firm sold its devices and services unit to Microsoft for $7.2 billion.

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