Tuesday 10 September 2013

Google updated Gmail interface for feature phones

Google has tweaked the Gmail web interface to make it more cleaner, neater and finger friendly for the feature phone users.

Google's Gmail application is available for the Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry platforms. For the entry-level and feature phones, there is the web version of the Gmail. While the Gmail on the smartphones continued getting better, the feature phone users were struggling with the Gmail web app. From today, the feature phone users will enjoy the new tweaked Gmail web app through the mobile web browsers.

The new Gmail web app interface for the mobile web browsers provides a clean look and buttons that are very easily usable. There is a quick reply and reply all option in every email to skip jumping between steps for composing a response. That means a response can be quickly sent from the threaded view.

Apart from that, the readability of the emails, replying and composing emails has been made easy. Visit the mail.google.com/m/ from your feature phone web browser to enjoy the new Gmail web app.

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