Sunday 8 September 2013

Blackberry Messenger for iOS coming soon, app submitted two weeks ago

iOS users waiting to get their hands on the BlackBerry Messenger app may not have to wait too long. BlackBerry has said that the BBM app was submitted to Apple about two weeks ago. So, the latter could be still reviewing it for the iOS platform. There is no word on how much time this will take, but one could expect the BBM iOS app to be launched anytime soon.

Now, as there is no approval process for submission of app to the Google Play, it is being highly speculated that once the app gets approval for iOS, it could be easily launched for Android. This way, BlackBerry would be able to launch the app for both platforms on the same day.

While Blackberry Messenger for Android is said to be in the beta stage, a video demo of the app had made its way online before being promptly pulled off on BlackBerry’s request. Before the video was deleted, it gave a quick look of exactly how BBM for Android is going to function and it can be safely said that it’s an out-and-out BlackBerry 10 experience. Last month, we had also seen leaked documents of the Canadian company's manuals for the upcoming applications, highlighting how to use them on non-BlackBerry devices.

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