Sunday 11 August 2013

Toast Invoice: Create Invoices Online And Manage Payments Effectively [Web]

Toast Invoice lets you create invoices of the amount of work and hours you put in for a certain client or project, without having to fill out long-winding spreadsheets or creating a log on Excel. Being a web application, Toast Invoice makes it easier for you to access your invoices anywhere and anytime simply by logging in to your account on the website. This web application is especially useful for project-based workers as they can maintain a log of the projects they worked on and get paid by the client on the basis of that.

The site does not only cater to independent workers, but also lets work teams to manage their shared logs, clients and invoices. The website creators also plan to launch the iOS and Android versions of Toast Invoice.


  • Allows you to export invoices as PDFs.
  • Makes time management easy by mentioning the number of hours worked for by each worker.
  • Helps you maintain a performance chart with its analytics tools.

Visit Toast Invoice.

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