Friday 23 August 2013

Google Search update adds new Cards to Google Now

Google has started rolling out a new Search service update that adds several new cards like Car Rentals, Concert Tickets, Reminders and more to the Google New feature.

Google has started rolling out a new update for its official Search application on Android platform. The new Google Search update brings several new cards for its digital assistant like service, known as Google Now. The new Google Search app allows playing music from the phone or the Google Play Music app.

Google Now is a feature available only for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher running devices. As part of the Google Search app, the Google Now is like a personal digital assistant presenting most relevant information in easily readable card format. Best part is that users don't even have to enter any search queries for that information. Google Now presents the details classified in terms of cards. With every Google Search update, new cards get added to the Google Now.

The update brings Car Rentals card that gives details about the reservations and directions in the Google Now so that you don't have to open any app or search email for those details. Improved Public Transit card now shows the details about the last train or bus towards home.

Commute sharing card allows the family and friends to know your route to office and may be call you if something important comes up. Regular searches related to entertainment will now carry a Remind Me button to keep you informed whenever a particular movie, album or TV show is being released or aired. Other cards are mostly relevant for the US only audience.

The new Google Search update is being rolled out and can be procured directly from the Google Play store.

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