Saturday 17 August 2013

Microsoft's alternative to NFC - Dhwani

The system relies on sound waves to transmit data which can be used on any smartphones and even feature phones.

Microsoft has revealed a new system for short distance data exchange, called Dhwani. This new system of data exchange can be a viable replacement for NFC (Near Field Communication), but only here the data exchange does not require any specialized hardware as the NFC technology does, and most of it happens over microphone and speakers that all of the mobile device have.

According to Microsoft, "Dhwani, a novel, acoustics-based NFC system uses the microphone and speakers on mobile phones, thus eliminating the need for any specialized NFC hardware."

The system can be easily implemented for most tasks that today are carried out by NFC such as mobile payments, tag information and even peer to peer data exchange or tap to share information.

The Dhwani system replaces the conventional NFC information emitter with data that is transferred with the use of sound waves that are emitted by the phone. Once the phone is brought closer to the source, the receiver's microphone accepts the connection and initial data for connecting the devices is shared. Following that the designated action can take place.

The system has got potential and unlike NFC the devices do not need a specific set of instruction for accepting requests. For instance in NFC devices from one manufacture find it difficult to connect to devices form another manufacture. Also due to lowered range of operations than WiFi and Bluetooth, Dhwani has better security as devices need to be brought close to enable a connection.

At present all looks better but the actual implementation will be the difficult part and most likely Windows can be the carrier for it with it upcoming builds.

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