Saturday 24 August 2013

No video chat in BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android?

BlackBerry accidently made the BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS manuals available online and then pulled the plug on the document links.

BlackBerry has already begun the closed beta testing of the BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android platforms. The BlackBerry Messenger on iOS and Android is expected to be made available in couple of months. However, if leaked documents are to believed, BBM on Android or iOS would not have the video chat facility.

Actually, CrackBerry claimed to have spotted the official manuals of BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android that perhaps been accidentally made online. However, BlackBerry later pulled down those guides.

As per the manuals, both Android and iOS users will have to register with the BlackBerry website to create a unique BlackBerry ID. This unique BlackBerry ID has to be used for logging in, saving messages and data to the respective BlackBerry account. Apart from that, each user will have one unique BBM PIN assigned to the BlackBerry ID. That means, if you lose access to the BlackBerry ID, then you will have to register a new one and get a new unique BBM PIN.

Interestingly, the video chat feature of the BlackBerry Messenger 10 is not mentioned in the manual for the either platforms - iOS and Android. These guides are meant for those who are or would be taking part in the beta testing of the BBM Messenger for Android and iOS. Meanwhile, there are several BBM alternative apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Nimbuzz and more that has attracted several Indian mobile enthusiasts.

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