Sunday 25 August 2013

Auto Cursor: Get The Cursor To Automatically Activate In The First Text Box of a Webpage

There are many websites which you visit to search for something; examples of this can be Google and Wikipedia. Some such sites have the typing cursor automatically activate the first text field on the page thus saving you an extra mouse click before you can type in your query. But on most websites, that extra click on the text field is necessary. Fortunately for Mozilla Firefox users, there is a solution in the form of “Auto Cursor.”

Auto Cursor is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This tiny add-on adds a small new functionality to Firefox yet it greatly improves the convenience in web browsing. After you have installed the add-on, whenever you visit a website the first text box is automatically activated and you can begin typing. The image above is the cursor automatically appearing in a text field of our homepage when it was loaded.


  • A user-friendly browser add-on
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox
  • Automatically activates first text box in webpage
  • Saves your time by saving you an extra mouse click

Check out Auto Cursor @

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