Monday 19 August 2013

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Gear next month

Samsung is planning to introduce smartwatch like device dubbed as Galaxy Gear next month at the Samsung Unpacked event on September 2.

Samsung is expected to join the smart watch game with the new Galaxy Gear next month. Bloomberg, quoting sources,reported that the launch of the wearable wrist-watch like gadget running Google Android operating system is due for launch as Galaxy Gear. Samsung formally announced the Unpacked Episode 2 event in Berlin, Germany on 2nd September.

The unique aspect about this Galaxy Gear is that it will be like the smart watch but bit advanced. For starters, it will run the Google Android operating system. Sources remain tight lipped about the nature of the display. So the Galaxy Gear that is expected to launch next month will not have a flexible display and Samsung will continue working on those displays.

Apple was reported of working with a team of 100 designers on its own smart watch which was expected to be launched later this year. The tight lipped company has not hinted the arrival of the smart watch any time before the end of this year. It would be fair to expect it early next year.

Wearable smart watches as the companion gadget of the smartphone are indeed for the geeks and the professionals. We shall wait till September 2 to see what Samsung has in its box for announcement.

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