Thursday 22 August 2013

Google Play Services 3.2 roll-out complete

Brings enhancements to Location Based Services, Maps, InstantBuy, Google+, and Photo Sphere

Google has announced on the official Android Developers blog that it has finished the roll-out of the latest version of Google Play Services to Android devices around the world. This new version not only brings new and improved goodies for the developers, it also helps in greater power saving for Android users as well as better Photo Sphere experience.

As per the blog post, Play Services version 3.2 includes several enhancements to Location-based services, such as the Fused Location Provider, which supports the selection of a low-power mode option when requesting location updates. Other location service enhancements include hardware-based GPS geofencing on devices (hardware geofences consume significantly less battery) and a new Snapshot feature in the maps API, which lets developers capture a bitmap image of the current map in order to improve performance when an interactive map isn’t necessary.

Other developer related tweaks include new simplified sharing control (in case of Google+ sign in in the apps) and improved Instabuy implementation. Android app developers can read more about Google Play Services here.

Coming to a user-specific addition in this Play Services version, the Photo Sphere viewer has now been extended to include a compass mode that allows users to explore Photo Spheres by moving their phones.

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