Tuesday 27 August 2013

Mapsaurus: Cool App Discovery Tool For Android

Android’s app selection has finally caught up with iOS in the past year, with the more popular services already launching their Android apps alongside their iOS offerings. But finding apps through Google Play is still a chore. Fortunately we have Mapsaurus, a web-based service that makes app discovery for Android more convenient.

Mapsaurus is not your ordinary app discovery tool. It displays apps as part of an interrelated visual map. Click through icons to reveal apps under a specific category. As you click on apps, related apps pops up, which then reveals webs and branches of more apps.

Each item will display the app’s description, screenshots, videos, and Google Play link. You can also add apps to your Google Play wishlist or share to your friends. Some of the more creative categories include stuff like ‘track the wind’, ‘explore the globe’, ‘fake a call’, ‘play tycoon games’, and more.

Mapsaurus is a great companion for your app downloading binge, making app discovery much more fun while giving you a better idea of the Android’s mature app ecosystem.


  • Visual tool for app discovery.
  • Sort through creative categories.
  • Add app to wishlist or download with Google play.
  • Clicking on each app reveals more apps.

Check out Mapsaurus @ http://mapsaurus.com/

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