Monday 19 August 2013

AntTek Explorer: Manage Files With The Same Convenience On Phone And Tablet [Android]

AntTek Explorer is another addition to the list of file managers on the Android platform, but what mainly sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it offers the same features and utility on its phone version as it does on its tablet version. Its multi-column interface makes it easier to view and access a larger number of files at a time, with its phone interface comprising two columns and the tablet version comprising three. Moreover, the drag and drop option makes it easy to add/remove files from a particular folder.

While AntTek Explorer’s basic interface does not display options such as  copy, cut, zip, delete or bookmark, the features appear as part of a top bar if you press on a certain folder for some time.


  • Offers a number of built-in options such as music player, picture viewer, zipped folder viewer, source code viewer etc.
  • Allows access to cloud storage, audio/video streaming through remote file servers and a large collection of themes.

Download and install AntTek Explorer 

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