Saturday 31 August 2013

Twitter unveils beta-testing program for Android app

Twitter has silently begun its beta-testing program for the official Android app on Thursday. The company has been inviting users on its website to participate in the program, which will allow them access to unreleased Android app features before the general public.

To participate in the beta-program, users will have to join this Google Group, which will act as the target group for rolling out the beta version of Twitter Android app via Play Store.  After joining the group, users have to confirm at this link (it is the direct link to the beta version of Twitter Android app) that they want to become a tester for the Twitter app. The test versions will then appear as updates to the Twitter Android app installed on users’ Android devices via Google Play.

Like all test versions, usual disclaims apply and it is not meant for normal users as some features might not work as expected.

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