Thursday 22 August 2013

MapmyIndia launches Locate app for Windows Phone 8

The app allows users to track up to 10 people from their Windows Phone 8 powered devices.

Indian GPS navigation service and hardware provider, Map my India has announced the launch of 'MapmyIndia Locate' application for the Windows Phone 8 platform. The application helps users identify the location and stay connected with friends and family. The application was earlier made available for the users on Android platform and Windows 8 becomes the second platform to get this free to use application.

As an exclusive Locate feature, the Windows Phone would allow adding up to 10 people that they want to keep track of; in Android this feature was limited to only three people. The location data gets cached locally and is updated as the user goes live over mobile data connection. In Locate, the movement of the approved user can be tracked in real-time over the web. We believe that this real-time speed will be dependent on your network strength. Apart from that, users also get to see the tracking and location history.

Along with that users can also get movement reports of people being located for up to five days. And these reports include full details like date, time and address all included. The application uses GPS, WiFi or Cell Tower Triangulation method of locating the user whichever is available in that order to compute location and offer its results.

Vineet Durani, director - Windows Phone business group, Microsoft India said, "The MapMyIndia Locate app is a great addition to the list of apps that are already available on the Windows Phone Store. In fact, this app has several unique features including being able to track a preset list of up to 10 people, that are available only to Windows Phone smartphone users."

The mobile application can be downloaded free from the Windows Phone Store or from the Google Play store. Unsupported devices can also access the service through its web app.

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