Tuesday 20 August 2013

HTC to end partnership with Beats Audio

Future devices from HTC may not carry the Beats Audio exclusively as the owner of the latter company is planning to buy back the share.

HTC smartphones are popular for their Beats Audio technology but in future the scenario is likely to change. As per The Wall Street Journal, founder of Beats Audio, Dr. Dre, is planning to buy back the shares from HTC which points to an imminent divorce between the two companies.

HTC smartphones started flaunting the new Beats Audio sound experience integrated since September 2011. The HTC Sensation XE was the first smartphone to feature Beats Audio software integration. HTC One and HTC Butterfly S were the latest smartphones of HTC to come integrated with the Beats Audio amplifier.

While Beats Audio is planning to buy its shares from HTC, there is no clarity on whether future devices will feature Beats Audio integration or not. It is quite possible that other handset makers will partner with Beats Audio for deeper integration in the smartphones.

HTC may have managed to stabilize its position with the HTC One variants but the real challenge will come after that. The company has also been in news for shifting away its focus from the Windows Phone 8 platform as reported by Taiwan based handset maker sources.


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