Saturday 31 August 2013

BlackBerry landing page featuring BBM for iPhone and Android spotted online

BlackBerry has been working on bringing its popular messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger, to the iOS and Android platforms for a while now. The cross platform version of the messaging service was expected to be rolled out by summer and it appears that we're finally close to its launch.
Recently, a landing page dedicated to BBM surfaced on the official site of the company, claiming that the BBM service has arrived for both, Android and Apple platforms. The dedicated page for the service said, "BBM for Android and iPhone is here."

However, the landing page was pulled later and has been replaced with a launch page ( that says, "BBM is coming to Android and iPhone" and includes an option to get notified when the service launches through an email prompt.

Engadget notes that, the BBM service landing page hinted that the service is just about ready to be launched and the page can reappear anytime. It is worth pointing out that the landing page that has now been removed showed iPhone instead of iOS, which hints that the BBM service may be rolled out to iPhone users initially and an iPad app might not be in the works.

Earlier, BlackBerry Messenger for Android was spotted online with some users reportedly receiving invites for the same. The report claimed that BBM for Android would be rolled out in the not-too-distant future. A screenshot revealed that users would be able to sign-in to BlackBerry Messenger with their BlackBerry ID.

In a recent development, Samsung had announced that the BBM app would be available on the company's app store, preloaded on the Galaxy series of Android devices, and on the Google Play Store, across the African continent.

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