Thursday 6 December 2012

Woxi launches Android based Smartpod for TV

The box converts any TV into a smart TV with 100s of internet based content channels.

India based Woxi Media, has launched a new device that can convert a television set into an Android smart TV. Called SmartPod, it also comes with a unique 'multi-user login' capability that supports up to eight unique users, so everyone in the family can get a personalised Android smart TV!

Thus, users can log in to internet services like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc on the TV itself using this SmartPod, and they need not log in and out all the time.

SmartPod's home-screen is optimized to offers Android games and apps on the TV. It also has applications for movies, music, internet radio and videos, social networking, education etc.

"SmartPod will revolutionise the way people consume the internet and enjoy gaming on TV. With the launch of the SmartPod in India, consumers can finally enjoy a delightful internet experience on TV. SmartPod is the first product in the world featuring breakthrough AppCasts technology that delivers users a unique and personalized internet experience, without the need to hunt, download, manage and maintain 100s of individual apps," said Amit Gattani, president of Woxi Media.

AppCasts is a cloud based Woxi application that delivers hundreds of applications through an Android app that's installed on the device. This is done by running these applications on Woxi Cloud servers and streaming them to the end device - hence the name AppCasts.

SmartPod comes standard with a Magic Motion Gaming RF remote control with built in gyros and sensors for motion gaming. In addition to the pre-installed games, users can download more from the Android Google Play store.

The Magic Motion remote also features a full function Qwerty keyboard for easy web browsing, searches, Twitter and Facebook usage.

SmartPod is powered by a dual core 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor and 400 MHz Mali 3D graphics processor. In addition to internal flash storage, up to 32 GB of storage can be used via a plug-in SD card, or 1 TB or more can be used through an external USB hard disk drive.

The device connects to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet. It also acts as a WiFi router.

Other features of SmartPod include full 1080p HD video playback capability, HDMI 1.3 interface, composite video interface for standard definition TV's, a built -in media player with 3D graphics capability and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

SmartPod is now available for Rs 9,499, for which you will also get the Magic Motion RF Qwerty remote and some other accessories. Though the price is slightly on the high side, if the product delivers what it claims to, it should be worth the asking price.

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