Tuesday 25 December 2012

DiskDigger For Android: Recover Deleted Photos & Images From Your Rooted Android Device

If you accidently deleted a photo or an image from your Android device, check out DiskDigger for Android. DiskDigger is known as a powerful free file recovery tool for Windows. Now it is also available as an app for Android devices. It will recover your accidentally deleted .JPG and .PNG files from your device’s memory card or internal memory, even if the memory card has been reformated.

To use the app, install it on your device, either directly from its website or from the Google Play store. After you launch the app, it will display all the system devices that you can scan for lost files. Select a device from the list and press the “Scan device” button.

After the scan is complete, you will get a list of recoverable files along with a preview of each file to the right. To recover one or more files, select the files and click “Save…”. It lets you save the recovered files as new files to your old directory or a new directory of your choice.

The app will only work on rooted Android devices, since it requires low-level access to the memory card.


  • Recover accidentaly deleted photos and images from your Android device.
  • Android version of the powerful DiskDigger file recovery tool for Windows.
  • App is compatible with any device (tablet or phone) that uses Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.
  • Download free for Android.

Check out DiskDigger for Android @

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