Thursday 27 December 2012

In My Words: Replace Words You Don’t Like Online [Chrome]

Some common abbreviations or words that are used on the web are really annoying or even confusing to most people. Words like IMHO, LOL, etc. If some words annoy or offend you while you surf the web, you can now replace these words with other words of your choice thanks to a handy Chrome extension called In My Words. Once you install it, you can browse the Internet and never ever see the words you don’t like.

How it works :

  • Add the extension to Google Chrome
  • Click the Wrench icon, go to “Tools-> Extensions-> In My words”
  • Click “Options”
  • Enter words and their replacements
  • Click Save and start browsing


  • Google Chrome extension.
  • Replace words online you don’t like with words you like.
  • Replace as many words as you like.
  • Simple to use.

Check out and download In My Words extension @

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