Friday 28 December 2012

Next Apple iPhone to have double resolution

New IGZO panels not only have the best resolution amongh displays but also they consume less power and are thinner too.

Apple is planning to employ a new display panel in its future devices. Known as the IGZO panel, it has not only the best resolution but also it puts less pressure on the battery and is quite thinner too.

If included, the new iPhone's screen will have double the pixel count than iPhone 4S's display and will also have two times more battery life, if everything else like screen and battery size remains the same. Since, the thinner panel would also make the new iPhone slimmer by at least 1-2 mm.

The phone will also come with narrower bezel (the space along the screen) which could mean the phone will be narrower too, or can sport a bigger screen without change in overall size.

The best part is that the cost of these panels will be only marginally higher than normal LCD screens meaning that this change will not affect upcoming iPad, iPhone models' pricing.

The biggest constraint however is that the production of the panels have just been started and might not be able to meet the demands of Apple.

A good new is that Sharp, which owns the patent for this technology has licensed the technology to Innolux Corporation, which will increase the production capacity. Other panel makers in Korea and Japan too have got the license for the panels through licenses that may pave the way for mass production and hence Apple is in all likelihood will include this panel in its 2013 line-up.

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