Friday 21 December 2012

Samsung to launch new audio dock for Galaxy devices

Samsung is planning to launch a new audio dock for its smartphones with microUSB port at the bottom. The device, which was first talked about a few days ago, has now got more details.

First the previously leaked details, the new audio dock will be available in three colours – black, red and silver.  You will be able to connect your smartphone to dock using microUSB as well as via Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack. It is expected to be showcased at CES or MWC 2013 and reach stores some time in Q1 next year.

Galaxy audio dock specs:

USB Audio Class
Universal dock station
Bluetooth version 3.0
Power: 6W (3W x 2)
Power volume button
Charging Port
3.5mm Audio Plug-in
Now new details, the dock will be known as model number ESP-30B and will be priced around 100 euros.

Samsung is slowly realizing the importance of accessories and how they can be a big revenue driver.

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