Thursday 27 December 2012

ChatON Android app updated with better My Page

Samsung’s ChatON instant messaging service application has been updated to version 2.0.5. The new app update comes with sign in Samsung account feature. All connected devices now receive the same message simultaneously. Users now have the option to move Special buddy to the More menu. The updated app features an improved My page. Users can have multiple profile images and comment on PostON. The latest update to the app allows users to change the font style of chat room. ChatON app update lets users send multiple images at one time. They can also send Anicon/Animessage+ text too. The ChatON tablet app too has been updated to v1.9.3. The update allows users to add image effects. They can also make edits to group profile. They can also add members of chat room as a group. They can add typing status too.

The ChatON app is one of the players in the rather crowded instant messaging apps market. Samsung ChatON is one of the new comers and it’s not only limited to Samsung devices. It’s been available to Android and iOS over the past year and recently, the app was also introduced to BlackBerry phones. The app is totally free and the service is cross-platform, which means users across different platforms can send messages to other devices, and for free. There’re also developments on the Android tablets front – Samsung has released an optimised version of the app for Android tablets now. The iOS version of the app was launched earlier this year while the Android app came out in October last year along with the Bada version. The ChatOn for iPhone is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, with iOS 4.2 or later.

Currently, ChatON supports Android, Bada, Samsung feature phones, iOS, Blackberry and Web.

The highlighted features of this app for Windows Phone include a profile page, animated messages (via drawing), location info, calendar, multimedia sharing (and storage), group chat and interaction Rank.

ChatON faces stiff competition from apps such as WhatsApp, which offer a BBM-like service for free across platforms. Samsung hopes to bridge the gap in popularity by adding more support to the app and also adding lots of unique features to the app. ChatON has features such as Buddy Interactions, which gives you an idea of the most interacted with friends in your contact list. The app is somewhat like social networking as it allows contacts to leave messages on your profile. There’s also support for watching media mentioned in chatrooms. Of course, there are the standard animated and customisable messages that you can send to your friends.

To download the app,  head over to the Google Play store.

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