Sunday 23 December 2012

Cut The Rope maker release new game for Android, iOS

ZeptoLab introduces new puzzle game for sticking things together by solving problems.

ZeptoLab, the makers of the Cut The Rope, has released a new physics based puzzle game, called Pudding Monsters.

The objective of the game is to save the puddings from getting eaten up by the fridge owner. By doing that one simply connects all the pudding pieces to make it as bigger as possible to turn it into a mega monster. The different monster species have specific characteristics leaving trails and speeding growth.

The game involves stick/join the puzzle pieces together game mechanism; users have to avoid obstacles too. The puddings and the monsters have been given eye pleasing shapes so that even parents can let their kids can enjoy this game without any worries.

ZeptoLab offers the Pudding Monster game in two versions- the free version has ad while paid version comes without ads - which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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