Monday 31 December 2012

MPTagThat: Easily Tag & Manage Your Collection Of Music

Some people have massive collections of music on their computers. I’m talking tens of thousands of songs. Keeping these organized and tagged can be a tricky task, but thankfully, MPTagThat is available to help. It is an incredibly advanced program that makes tagging your music easy. It is literally packed with features that any music collector will appreciate.

One important feature that a program for tagging music needs is the ability to get information from online. This makes the tagging process much quicker. It uses MusicBraniz to name unknown songs and help you with keeping all of your music tagged and ready to go.

You can use this app to rip and burn audio CDs, so you can bring your physical media into a digital form. You can also use it to convert file types of music. It is capable of doing everything you need in terms of managing your music. If you are looking for a one stop music management tool that is open-source, this is the option for you.


  • Manage your entire music library.
  • Rip and burn audio CDs.
  • Get tags from MusicBraniz.
  • Edit tags for single or multiple songs.
  • Rename and organize music files.

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