Tuesday 25 December 2012

Hungry Fish: A Fun Way For Children To Learn Mathematics [iOS]

Mathematics is a dull and dry subject. We often find out ways to make it interesting for children, therefore Motion Math has created a mobile graphics math game which is educational, stylish, and astonishingly fun. Hungry Fish is a fun math game which develops and cultivates the intuitive math skills of children.

The idea of this game is very simple with 18 levels where you are responsible for feeding a hungry fish with numbers. Not just any numbers but the right ones, that you have to choose from displayed numbers on their side which are pumped by sea plants. It makes it attractive and you can drag the matching number to your fish.

When the answer is correct, the fish opens his mouth and swallows it up.  A bonus gives it new colors and fins. For higher levels, you are not always given the exact, matching number but several numbers will be given that together would add up to make that number. By combining them, you can feed the fish. The fish usually swims, dives and turns around the screen like a real fish.


  • Free and entertaining.
  • The focus of this game is based on number sense, understanding of fractional quantities, estimation, and mental arithmetic.
  •  It helps to learn there are multiple paths to add up to every sum, every other problem by making them challenge lover
  • Parents can easily change screen time for kids into learning time.
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Check out Hungry Fish @ http://motionmathgames.com/motion-math-hungry-fish

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