Sunday 30 December 2012 Share Files & Folders Directly Over Internet [Web & Chrome]

While there are many free file sharing services online, if you want to share many files at once you will have to wait for a long time while all those files are uploaded online. Enter It is a dead-simple file sharing and streaming service that lets you stream files and even entire folders directly from your computer without having to wait while all the files are uploaded online.

To stream a file, simply go to their website and drag the file onto the page. Once the file is uploaded you will be given its download link. It takes only seconds to stream many files, without signing up for account. All your shared files are available for one day with up to 500 MB in total storage. However, you have to keep your browser window open to keep streaming the files. If you want to keep streaming files even after you close the browser window you have to download the Chrome extension of this service.

If you sign up for a free account, you can permanently store your files, get up to 2 GB in storage and personalized access links.


  • Stream many files online directly from your computer without waiting for files to be uploaded online.
  • Stream entire folders.
  • Works best with Chrome browser.
  • Preview files before downloading.
  • Download Chrome extension to stream files even after browser window is closed.

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