Saturday 22 December 2012

Facebook to charge for messages?

Under the premium messaging service, users have to pay as much as $1 or Rs 57 approximately per message.

Social networking giant Facebook has started testing a new premium messaging services for which users have to pay for a guaranteed delivery of their message to any Facebook user across the globe.

As of now, the service is in testing stage and as per reports, it requires users to pay as much as $1 or Rs 57 approximately per message. Facebook, on the other hand, will guarantee the delivery of that message, fate of which the receiver will decide.

The premium messaging service will certainly be helpful for users as it will give the users a chance to get on touch with users without even being on their friends list. And any urgent communication can be directed towards them as users would not have to even wait for their friendship approval as well.

The idea behind keeping the service high priced is to discourage messaging from marketers and spammers who could use it as an opportunity to earn some money through various means. The high cost would only encourage legitimate usage of the service as the high price per message would certainly drive away spammers.

The service is tested in the United Sates but if everything goes well, the social network may roll it out in other countries as well.

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