Saturday 22 December 2012

People Video Review: A Rich Online Source Of Video Product Reviews

Before purchasing any product, it is best to do a bit of research about what you are going to buy. While companies today provide extensive information about a product, nothing quite matches the reviews of other consumers. Usually these reviews can be found right on the purchasing page of the product. But these are mostly textual reviews.

To get a fuller idea about the product you are considering buying, you should seek video reviews of the item. Here to offer you a large collection of online video reviews about a variety of products is a website called People Video Review.

People Video Review is a free to use website that offers its users many online video reviews that cover various products. Ranging from hats to cars, you can find everything on the website. To get started, you need not create any new accounts on the site – that is not necessary. You merely need to type in the name of the product you want a video review of. Alternatively you can browse the reviews present on the site’s homepage.

Yet another way to browse the reviews is by browsing the categories of products – a list is available at the bottom of the website.

Once you have found the review you are looking for, click on it. An embedded video player will load up the view review mostly like from YouTube. A description accompanies the video and you can vote up the review or vote it down, depending on how helpful it was to you.

The site also offers sharing buttons for you to quickly share the review with your friends on numerous online social networks. HTML code for you to embed the review on your own website is also provided. On the right pane of the video review page, you can find a link to purchasing the product online.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers video reviews of products.
  • Includes all types of products.
  • Lets you share and embed reviews.
  • Lets you vote reviews up or down.
  • Provides purchasing links to reviewed products.

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