Wednesday 26 December 2012

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences 3.0: Tweak iTunes Settings You Weren’t Meant To See [Mac]

Have you ever wanted to take more control over iTunes? Do you wish there were more options and settings that would let you set everything more to your personal preferences? Well if so, you need to take a look at Change Hidden iTunes Preferences 3.0. As the name implies, it allows you take all those hidden settings and make them your own.

The list of options that can be tweaked is quite extensive. Some of the more popular ones involve taking features from a previous version of iTunes and bringing them back. For example, you can view your entire library as a single playlist, an option that was removed a few versions back.

One of my personal favorites is the option to remove Ping. I don’t know if anyone uses Ping, but I certainly never found it useful.

Some other highlights include: allowing half-star ratings, creating playlists for purchased song collections, playing songs while importing, and disabling “elastic” scrolling behavior. Best off all, you can download Doug’s Change Hidden iTunes Preferences 3.0 for free.


  • Change all kinds of hidden iTunes settings.
  • No need to use terminal or any advance methods.
  • Just run the app and select your options.
  • Free to use.

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