Sunday 23 December 2012

DesktopModify: Change Your Desktop Icons Into Shapes

If you’ve noticed your desktop icons taking over your desktop, you might be interested in a little program which quickly rearranges them into geometric shapes. It’s a free download which will keep your desktop interesting and original.

Desktop Modify is the quickest way to turn your desktop icons from an eyesore into a neat feature. You can create stars, hearts, moons and other cool shapes which can complement your desktop wallpaper and make your desktop look great again. It will cheer up your desktop by adding something unique.

The Desktop Modify program lets you choose from 77 shapes, which you can quickly switch between. You can then easily move and re-size your chosen shape until you’re satisfied.

Watch an intro video to see Desktop Modify in action.


  • Easily re-arrange your desktop icons into geometric shapes.
  • 77 Shapes to choose from.
  • Shapes can be relocated.
  • Re-size your shapes easily.

Check out Desktop Modify @

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