Thursday 27 December 2012

Nokia Xpress available for Lumia smartphones

Content discovery and cloud server-powered application Nokia Xpress aims to reduce the data consumption by Windows Phone based Lumia devices.

Nokia Xpress is a cloud server powered app that was being tested in beta stage by Nokia Beta Labs. The app has stepped out of beta and has been available to Windows Phone OS based Lumia series devices. Nokia Xpress includes features such as Magazine, Data usage dashboard, Page Search, Sky Drive connect and Translations.

Nokia has stuck yet another feather in its hat, with apps meant exclusively for Lumia devices. The new Nokia Xpress app is powered by cloud servers-most features run on it and it does save a lot on data consumption.

Windows Phone based Lumia can use the Xpress app to download and store articles, news stories and even blogs in a very readable format. Data usage can be monitored and the statistical figures will be shown on Live Tiles at the homescreen.

The app also connects the user to a Sky Drive account for easily storing images as well as videos without spending a lot on data charges. It supports multiple tabs so that users can keep the web pages to be viewed later.

Those who wish to translate a web page can open it in this app and enjoy the translated content.

Nokia Xpress aims heavily on saving the data and other resources of the mobile phone by taking much of the task work to cloud servers. The Nokia Xpress app is available for free download on Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone store.

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