Friday 21 December 2012

Swiftkey keyboard v3.1 brings support for Hindi, Hinglish & 7 more languages

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In order to tap the huge Android market in India, Swiftkey has announced that its latest app update version 3.1 is bringing support for Hindi as well as Hinglish.  The language support expansion is not limited to Hindi or Hinglish, the keyboard maker is also adding support for seven more languages including Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America), Irish and Tagalog.

For those of you unaware of Swiftkey, it is a third-party keyboard app for Android. It is available in Google Play in both paid as well as free trial versions.

The Swiftkey release also brings a seasonal new theme color, “Berry”, as well as bug fixes.

“It’s a great landmark for us to add nine more languages, taking the total supported in the app to 54,” Dr Caroline Gasperin, SwiftKey’s head of the languages team, said. “Extending the number of languages we support is really important to us – we have a global audience and we always seek to better engage with our customers worldwide.

The company claims that the language support is much more than just adding a language dictionary, but its model understands the way words work together.

“They are built by analyzing enormous amounts of language data drawn from across the internet. Hindi and Hinglish, a popular hybrid of Hindi and English, were produced by analyzing and filtering content from sources such as the .in web domain in India. Using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, SwiftKey can understand the context of what a user is writing,” company revealed in a press release.

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