Wednesday 26 December 2012

GeneratePattern: Generate Patterns From Pixels

GeneratePattern lets you generate a pattern from a box, 20×20 pixels wide. Make a pattern by simply clicking on empty pixels and see the pattern immediately applied to the background. The box is originally set to 20×20 pixels, but you can adjust the box size from 1×1 pixels up to 50×50 pixels, as you see fit. You can pick different colours for each pixel, erase separate pixels or simply reset everything to start over.

Once you are done, you can download your pattern as an image (in .PNG or .ico format) or as HTML & CSS code to integrate in your design background. Moreover, you can register on the website to save your patterns in your account or share them in the site gallery.


  • Generate patterns from pixels.
  • Click on pixels to see the effect immediately.
  • Download pattern as an image (in .PNG or .ico format) or as HTML & CSS code.
  • Free, no registration to generate and download patterns.
  • Register to save your patterns online and share in the site gallery.

Check out GeneratePattern @

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