Saturday 15 December 2012

Updated WhatsApp coming to Windows Phone 8 by next week

WhatsApp developers are planning to release a new updated version of the WhatsApp specifically for the Windows Phone 8 devices.

Owners of the Windows Phone 8 based devices wondered about the absence of the WhatsApp app for instant messaging. To their cheers, the developers of the application have now quietly planning to release the same for the Windows Phone 8, probably as soon as next week.

Infact, WPCentral quoted a Nokia Care representative stating that an updated version of WhatsApp will be available by this week end.

WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform instant messaging client that allows sharing files, location, and even group chat. The Nokia Lumia 920 buyers were surprised on the WhatsApp's absence from the Windows Phone Store. Viral messages about WhatsApp going paid were being spread around by the naysayers.

Apparently, the WhatsApp developers will release Windows Phone 8 version of the WhatsApps since the current one is not compatible with the new devices. The early adopters of Windows Phone 8 based devices won't have to wait for long for the app expected to go live by this week end.

While HTC has made the Windows Phone 8X available in India, people  here still await for the Windows Phone 8 running Lumia devices from Nokia.

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