Friday 7 December 2012

SwiftKey Flow Beta now available for Android

SwiftKey has formally made the Flow Beta input feature available for its software-based SwiftKey Keyboard for the Android based smartphones and tablets.

SwiftKey had teased the new and improved version of the Flow typing feature in a video. Now the SwiftKey developers have released the improved version of the SwiftKey feature dubbed as Flow in beta form. The new SwiftKey Flow Beta will let the Android smartphone and tablet users to input text without lifting their fingers.

SwiftKey keyboard is one of the most popular software keyboard amongst the power users of the Android based smartphones. It offers gesture input, word prediction, auto correction and also next word prediction till date. Apart from that the users can also enhance their experience with different keyboard layouts and themes.

The SwiftKey developers had teased the new improved Flow feature that would let the users input text without lifting the finger. For instance, if you wish to type a full sentence, then you can continuously use the flow function to swipe over the letters till the sentence completes. Basically, the SwiftKey's word prediction and next word prediction system is combined together to predict an entire sentence.

However, this is possible only when you allow SwiftKey to access your Gmail, social networks and notes to understand and study your textual input style.

For those who wish to try out the new SwiftKey Flow feature on the Android smartphones can head to and choose the relevant file for their device.

SwiftKey Flow might give a good fight to the improved Google Keyboard set to arrive with the Android 4.x Jelly Bean update.

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