Friday 7 December 2012

Send It On The Net: Send Files To Friends Securely

While using online file hosts, you upload your files to the servers of the file host – people who are sharing sensitive files would prefer not to do that. Such people often opt for browser transferring applications that send files without storing them. However such applications do not encrypt files at the end stage and might be compromised. Here to offer a more secure solution is a site called Send It On The Net.

Send It On The Net is a free to use file sharing website. The site lets you share files quickly and securely. Its interface works solely from your browser and your files are encrypted from the beginning stage till the final one. When you create an account on the site and sign in, a unique key is generated. To share a file, you will need to add the file’s recipient as a contact first on the site; you then privately provide them with your unique key along with the file’s key for them to get the file. This is the way that the site keeps file sharing secure.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Lets you share files securely
  • Encrypts your files from beginning to final stage
  • Generates a key for encryption

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