Wednesday 5 December 2012

Now chat on Facebook Messenger using mobile number

Updated Facebook Messenger Android app enables logging in without using Facebook account.

Popular social network, Facebook has released an update for its Facebook Messenger app to make it ubiquitous. Post this update, Facebook Messenger will let the user login by simply using their name and mobile phone number. This Facebook Messenger feature is available of the Google Android based phone users.

Facebook Messenger is a separate application that initially required the Facebook Account to login and engage into instant messaging among contacts. With the latest Facebook 2.2.1 App updates for the Android version, Facebook has provided an option to use the App without Facebook account.

That means the users can simply use their full names and mobile phone number to engage into instant messaging. This feature of not using Facebook account has been made available only in India, Indonesia, South Africa, Venezuela and Australia.

This indeed is interesting what Facebook is trying to achieve by adding more number of users to get accustomed with the Messenger App.

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